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"My name is Winnifred Appiah, and i'm a freshly graduate of industrial law from the University of Barcelona. I'm originally from Ghana but raised in Spain. 
The idea of Froband was born after Covid, when i had no idea what to do with my short to medium length natural hair, after removing my braids. 
I wasn't a fan of wigs at the time, so my go to hairstyle was afro puffs or buns with shoelaces, material strings and anything i could fine to be honest.
This caused severe damage to my edges, from which i'm still recovering, but in that moment of desperation, i came up with these colourful satin elastic hair ties for naturals, to promote healthy haircare and to also have colourful hair ties made for our voluminous afro texture hair !

Many of us Naturals refer to our hair as our Crown, but if it's not about growing our hair with good products, we mostly use anything to tie it once its out in the open, on a lazy hair day, we don't know what to and use any elastic string we find to tie it, as our crown it deserves better, not only expensive and good products, but nice beautiful ties and hair accessories, beautifully and carefully made with our hair texture in mind. 
 I make these hair bands by myself every weekend, with a lot of effort love and praying my clients will love them as much as i love them." 
The mission of this brand is to reach all naturals world wide, for all naturals to also have a froband at any of their local hair shops. To promote healthy hair care through our products, and a good sensation of easy management of our crowns when it's not styled. We promote zero anxiety when you remove your braids, or wigs and don't know how to style your crown, and zero anxiety on a humid or rainy day. All naturals will be able to pull their Froband, whenever they want.
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